Hi-IS: Big data conference 22.3.2017

Hi-IS Big data conference 2017 Helsinki- How to thrive while digitalization and IOT is transforming world as we know it.

You are warmly welcome to Hi-IS Big data conference! Big data conference- program starts at 10.00 and continue until 19.00.

Event is hosted by actor/politician Jasmin Hamid. We have real world customer cases and also “Big people in Big data”. Presentations concentrate on how with modern technologies you can thrive and expand your business  in always transforming world and also real life examples how customers have succeeded when migrating from old datawarehouse to new modern data lake and use of real-time data.  You will also get more info how cloud technologies can help your business, processes and growth. We also provide info how to accelerate innovations and get different parts of your business work more fluently together. Come and hear our experts view on Big Data!


Days keynotes:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Vertica: Steve Sarsfield, Product Marketing Leader

Steve Sarsfield comes straight from capital of information management Boston, USA. Lot of databases and information management technologies have been founded in Boston. Steve Sarsfield has been selected as one of most influential information management persons in social media, a product evangelist and spokesperson Vertica. Steve is a frequent blogger on the subjects of big analytics, information quality and data governance. He is also author of the book “The Data Governance Imperative”, published by IT Governance Publishing.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Data security: Sudeep Venkatesh, Global Head of PreSales

Sudeep comes also straight from capital of information management Boston, USA. Sudeep leads global team which task is to secure data in data lakes.

Pentaho, Hitachi corporation, Wael Elrifai, Director of Enterprise Solutions

Wael Elrifai is Data Science, IOT & Big Data Guru who speaks at conferences and advises companies worldwide.  Even as a “nerd” he is also a very talented speaker, who doesn’t leave any audience bored!

Veikkaus, Reni Waegelein, CIO

Reni Waegelein is long time CIO of Veikkaus. Under his supervision was Big data project and he knows what kind of business impact was achieved by abandoning old DW technologies and embrace newest Big data technologies. Achievements of Big data at Veikkaus  has been recognized by many global companies like Gartner, Pentaho (Big data award) etc.

Cloudera, Wim Stoop, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Wim Stoop is the senior product marketing manager for Cloudera. In this role, he leads the marketing direction and strategic vision for Cloudera’s mission to let organisations turn data into business value at scale. Prior to Cloudera, Wim spent more than 17 years helping blue-chip companies such as IBM, BP, and HSBC solve their most data-intensive challenges in the context of their business objectives and usage scenarios. Wim is a regular speaker at industry events where organisations are deciding and defining their big data strategy and direction. Wim holds a degree in Chemical Process Technology from the Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands.

Welcome to network, meet and enjoy company of same minded colleagues and experts. At the stands you can see and get info on all technologies that are talked during day and meet experts.


You are warmly welcome.

CEO Sami Porokka, High Information Systems Oy

Date: 22.3.2017

Time: 10 – 19.00


Restaurant Sipuli
Kanavaranta 7,
00160 Helsinki